Monday, January 31, 2011

01/31/11 Cycling Results

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Today I was able to get my rear on my bike. It was a rough morning to start off- my oldest son slacked off for 30 minutes, causing us to be late to pick up our carpooler. Luckily, I drive like a mad-woman and I was able to gain most of that time back. It was really chilly when I dropped off all the kids and I was tempted to come back home & crawl into my warm bed. But, I reminded myself of my goal- 10 more pounds! So, I dropped off the younger 2 and took off for my ride a little early. I decided to start at the Anaheim Honda Center, instead of ending there. I rode out to Huntington Beach and back. I rode for a total of 27.52 miles. It took me 54 minutes and 21 seconds to get to the beach, there was a slight headwind the whole way. I stopped, used the restroom messaged a few people and then jumped back onto my bike. There was a nice tailwind pushing me 95% of the way back so I gained 8 minutes. That's 1 hour 43 minutes round trip! I was pretty proud of myself once again. I burned 863 calories! The beach was absolutely beautiful when I got there, I really wanted to sit for awhile and enjoy the scenery, but duty called, I needed to get back so I could pick up my younger 2 kids. Maybe another time.

For dinner, I bought a rotisserie chicken and shredded it for Homemade Chicken Tortilla soup. I ate about 6 ounces, as usual, I'm stuffed!

Tomorrow, I'm attempting to take my youngest for a ride. I've already changed out the tube on my bike trailer and loaded everything into my mommy-van for the adventure. Wish me luck!

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