Thursday, April 8, 2010

Really? It's been a year?!

How could more than one whole year pass me by since I last posted on here?

Ok, a quick recap of the past year or so.

January 09: became seriously enebriated at a friend's house for our annual After-Christmas gathering. I paid the price. I even lost 5 lbs in 24 hours as a result. Yuck!
March 09: my older brother ships off to Afghanistan to help out as a civilian. He's an ex-Army man. He leaves just days before his daughter's 10th birthday.
April 09: Leland turned one! We had a small party with cupcakes and crafts here at the house. Les turned 38. Loren turned 7, we held a skating party for him. I started a Girl Scout Troop for my daughter and nieces. On my anniversary, spent the day with 5 Girl Scouts, at our first event, Camporee!
May 09: I turned 36!
August 09: take a 10-day camping trip with the family. Stayed 2 days in Santa Barbara near the beach, then 3 days near Sutter's Mill (Lindsay had finished 4th grade off with studying the California Missions and the Gold Rush), and then 4 days in Carson City, NV, to visit my parents. My younger brother surprised his wife with a surprise birthday picnic at a local park while we were there. Very casual, very laid-back.
Septeber 09: drove the kids and myself up to Sacramento to go buy my ideal doggie! A King Charles Cavalier, Ruby colored, he chose us. We named him Prince Edward. (I'm a Twilight fan!)
October 09: Halloween!
November 09: Thanksgiving in Carson City, so I can meet my new nephew!
December 09: Fly my mom down for the annual Tamale Festival in Indio, CA! Yummy! I love me some cheese/green chile tamales. We even tried a mango flavored one that was awesome! Two days later, flew out to Maui, with the kids and my mom in tow (she played Granny/Nanny for the trip). We all enjoyed the weather. Apparently, it rained the whole time we were gone. I guess Sunny SoCal missed us so much, it cried! LOL! Christmas was spent home, where it should be!
January 10: as usual, no New Year's resolutions! Just goals!
February 10: went on several date nights with hubby! Yay!
March 10: went by in a blur!
April 2010: Here we are, once again. Kids are off-track. Weather's been weird: rainy, chilly, sunny, warm, windy, earthquakey! You name it, it's been happening. In just under 48hours Leland turns 2! Wow, time flew again! Les turns 39 on Monday and Loren turns 8 in a few weeks! Langdon has been fully potty-trained since mid-January, yay! Prince has been potty-trained too. He's even gone thru a puppy-training course and passed. He just likes to forget his commands, very stubborn. Les and I will be celebrating our 11th Wedding Anniversary on Loren's 8th Birthday. We've decided to take off for a weekend, going to stay fairly local, but get away, just the 2 of us. How nice! My niece will be watching all 4 kids and moving in.