Friday, January 28, 2011

Eastvale jog 01/28/11- recovering from sickness

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Here are my jogging results from today's excursion. My numbers aren't so good today, I hit a wall with my health yesterday and I couldn't do a darn thing! But I tried, I'll explain in a moment. So as hubby and I were taking off, I felt that my legs were still a bit weak, ugh I hate that, 'cause it means I won't perform well. And this was before I could even leave my cul-de-sac! I trudged through, but my body was NOT having it! I had to keep stopping almost every 1/10th of a mile to collect myself before going on, man that sucks for me! (I was just starting to get to the point of only stopping every 0.5-1.0 miles to collect myself.) My whole body ached, especially my shoulders, neck and backs of my knees. At about 2 miles into the jog, I felt like I was going to pass out, so I stopped for a few and the feeling went away. So I continued on. Finally, at the 3.47 mile mark, I succumbed to my feeling of absolute agony. I turned off my tracking device (Garmin) and felt like puking (but I didn't). I finished the last quarter mile with a nice stride (walk) back. All I could think was, thank GOD I made it!

So, as I mentioned earlier, I was sick yesterday. I overslept, hubby had to wake me. I came downstairs & started cooking breakfast for my 4 kids. Shortly after starting, I felt dizzy, nauseated and broke out in a sweat. I quickly walked over to my sofa and laid down. My oldest son poured me a glass of OJ and I sipped it. The symptoms disappeared after 5 mins, so I went back to our morning routine (with hubby's help). I kept my 2.5 y/o with me since I had been telling him I would take him for a bike ride. We got to the park where I like to ride. I geared up as usual and tried to check the bike trailer tires, but the pump didn't seem to want to fit onto the tire valve. So, I hoped for the best and started off. I started pedaling, but I just couldn't seem to get any speed. I thought, wow, either I'm sicker than I thought, or there must be flat. Ends up being that the tire on the trailer that I didn't check was completely flat. Luckily, I had only ridden about a quarter mile, so I turned us around and headed back to my car. Unfortunately, the total distance was too much for the tire and I cracked the valve at some point. (When I filled the tire, the air would just leak out.) : ( Dang it, that means a new tube now! So we ran a couple of errands and headed back for home. By the time I got home, I was beat. I changed into regular clothes and laid down on the kids sofa. And that's where I stayed for the next 3.5 hours... My body ached so bad, I kept getting dizzy and everytime I opened my eyes- the room seemed to spin. Yuck! My hubby was nice enough to pick up some fast-food for the kids, there was enough that I was able to grab a bite too! After everyone was tucked into their beds, I went to bed. I slept 8 hours (almost straight, since I awoke a few times with sweats). Now, I am attempting to stay in recovery mode, unfortunately- the kids keep doing things to cause me to move around and clean. Arg!

Oh, I wanted to add that I weighed myself again, I know I know- don't live for the scale. However, I just wanted to say that I am now at 132 pounds! That's 2 pounds more than what I weighed at my high school graduation 20 years ago. That's a big deal to me. I'm so excited, this means I can truly start looking for a plastic surgeon. Hopefully, I can find one that isn't too expensive.


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