Thursday, July 28, 2011

07/27/11 Bike ride w/my munchkins

Blogging has not been easy these last couple of days. Darn Blogger's been on the fritz again. Arg!
Last week we didn't do any cycling as my older 2 were prepping for a Tae Kwon Do test. They were "belting up" to yellow belt. They only started TKD classes 5 weeks ago and the facility had testing the 1st weekend we were there, so we did not get to participate then. My older 2 were invited to test, my 3rs child didn't, he has a hard time focusing on the instructions (he wants to play instead), so maybe in the near future he'll be able to test. Both my daughter and my oldest son passed their tests. They even had the opportunity to kick/break boards, they brought their boards home. My daughter, being an amazon, had to break 2 boards, and she succeeded on her very 1st try! Yay!
On this past Tuesday (07/26/11) they received their certificates and their yellow belts. So awesome!
On Wednesday, 07/27/11, I made the older 2 join me for a bike ride. My daughter has been begging me to take her on this ride for weeks, ever since I mentioned it. (weather was just a bit too warm for us to do it, especially since it's not near the ocean.) We rode from Yorba Regional Park to Honda Center, or at least a mile within the HC. Our total riding distance ended up being about 15.2 miles, but because I forgot to turn on my Garmin device right away, we didn't record the whole ride. We were quite slow since my 9 y/o son wanted to just cruise through the ride, which took up a lot of our time. My kids were just starting to complain of their legs hurting within that last mile back to the car, but they made it! To top it off, after being home for only 40 minutes, I made them change clothes and took them back to TKD for their 3rd lesson of the week. I thought they'd be exhausted for bedtime, but not so much! LOL!
Well, hopefully next week we'll be able to get in our 2 rides. They go back to school soon, so I should be able to get in some exercise 4 times/week,maybe even 5 if I'm lucky.
Until next time.
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

07/14/11 Bike ride w/kids

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My kids are on Summer break. This means they are home, also no time for true exercising and more time to hang at home and MUNCH. ARG! I've packed on some pounds, no bueno!

Today, after my daughter's ortho appointment we drove out to the beach after dropping off my monkeys at the daycare. We rode fom my usual spot out to HB just past the dog beach and then returned to the car. We totaled 13.3 miles. Yay! Afterwards, I bought the kids some Carl's Jr chicken wraps because they were hungry.

On this past Tuesday, I also made the older cycle with me and we rode out to Balboa past the Ruby's Diner on the pier, just to where the sidewalk ends. The kids had a chance to go run in the sand while I answered a phone call. We ended up riding 12.35 miles on that day. I'm very proud of them. I know it's tough to get out there and move that much when all you want to do is be sedentary. But they did it with little to no complaining.

Our goal is to cycle 10+ miles/day at least twice a week, maybe even 3xs/week. I want healthy, fit kids. I don't want unhealthy statistics living under my roof. It may sound harsh, but honestly, think about it. Most of the young kids you see today have guts resembling that of a 6-month pregnant woman, but theirs jiggles and shouldn't be on a 6-10 year old child. Get out there and move. Do it for their health if not yours.