Monday, January 31, 2011

01/31/11 Cycling Results

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Today I was able to get my rear on my bike. It was a rough morning to start off- my oldest son slacked off for 30 minutes, causing us to be late to pick up our carpooler. Luckily, I drive like a mad-woman and I was able to gain most of that time back. It was really chilly when I dropped off all the kids and I was tempted to come back home & crawl into my warm bed. But, I reminded myself of my goal- 10 more pounds! So, I dropped off the younger 2 and took off for my ride a little early. I decided to start at the Anaheim Honda Center, instead of ending there. I rode out to Huntington Beach and back. I rode for a total of 27.52 miles. It took me 54 minutes and 21 seconds to get to the beach, there was a slight headwind the whole way. I stopped, used the restroom messaged a few people and then jumped back onto my bike. There was a nice tailwind pushing me 95% of the way back so I gained 8 minutes. That's 1 hour 43 minutes round trip! I was pretty proud of myself once again. I burned 863 calories! The beach was absolutely beautiful when I got there, I really wanted to sit for awhile and enjoy the scenery, but duty called, I needed to get back so I could pick up my younger 2 kids. Maybe another time.

For dinner, I bought a rotisserie chicken and shredded it for Homemade Chicken Tortilla soup. I ate about 6 ounces, as usual, I'm stuffed!

Tomorrow, I'm attempting to take my youngest for a ride. I've already changed out the tube on my bike trailer and loaded everything into my mommy-van for the adventure. Wish me luck!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Eastvale jog 01/28/11- recovering from sickness

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Here are my jogging results from today's excursion. My numbers aren't so good today, I hit a wall with my health yesterday and I couldn't do a darn thing! But I tried, I'll explain in a moment. So as hubby and I were taking off, I felt that my legs were still a bit weak, ugh I hate that, 'cause it means I won't perform well. And this was before I could even leave my cul-de-sac! I trudged through, but my body was NOT having it! I had to keep stopping almost every 1/10th of a mile to collect myself before going on, man that sucks for me! (I was just starting to get to the point of only stopping every 0.5-1.0 miles to collect myself.) My whole body ached, especially my shoulders, neck and backs of my knees. At about 2 miles into the jog, I felt like I was going to pass out, so I stopped for a few and the feeling went away. So I continued on. Finally, at the 3.47 mile mark, I succumbed to my feeling of absolute agony. I turned off my tracking device (Garmin) and felt like puking (but I didn't). I finished the last quarter mile with a nice stride (walk) back. All I could think was, thank GOD I made it!

So, as I mentioned earlier, I was sick yesterday. I overslept, hubby had to wake me. I came downstairs & started cooking breakfast for my 4 kids. Shortly after starting, I felt dizzy, nauseated and broke out in a sweat. I quickly walked over to my sofa and laid down. My oldest son poured me a glass of OJ and I sipped it. The symptoms disappeared after 5 mins, so I went back to our morning routine (with hubby's help). I kept my 2.5 y/o with me since I had been telling him I would take him for a bike ride. We got to the park where I like to ride. I geared up as usual and tried to check the bike trailer tires, but the pump didn't seem to want to fit onto the tire valve. So, I hoped for the best and started off. I started pedaling, but I just couldn't seem to get any speed. I thought, wow, either I'm sicker than I thought, or there must be flat. Ends up being that the tire on the trailer that I didn't check was completely flat. Luckily, I had only ridden about a quarter mile, so I turned us around and headed back to my car. Unfortunately, the total distance was too much for the tire and I cracked the valve at some point. (When I filled the tire, the air would just leak out.) : ( Dang it, that means a new tube now! So we ran a couple of errands and headed back for home. By the time I got home, I was beat. I changed into regular clothes and laid down on the kids sofa. And that's where I stayed for the next 3.5 hours... My body ached so bad, I kept getting dizzy and everytime I opened my eyes- the room seemed to spin. Yuck! My hubby was nice enough to pick up some fast-food for the kids, there was enough that I was able to grab a bite too! After everyone was tucked into their beds, I went to bed. I slept 8 hours (almost straight, since I awoke a few times with sweats). Now, I am attempting to stay in recovery mode, unfortunately- the kids keep doing things to cause me to move around and clean. Arg!

Oh, I wanted to add that I weighed myself again, I know I know- don't live for the scale. However, I just wanted to say that I am now at 132 pounds! That's 2 pounds more than what I weighed at my high school graduation 20 years ago. That's a big deal to me. I'm so excited, this means I can truly start looking for a plastic surgeon. Hopefully, I can find one that isn't too expensive.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cycling the SART YRP to River View Golf Course 01/25/11

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Here are my results from today's cycling trip along the Santa Ana River Trail from Yorba Regional Park over to River View Golf Course in Anaheim, past the Honda Center and Angel Stadium. My total distance covered was 21.38 miles and I completed that in 1 hour 20 minutes riding time. I think I stopped for no more than 5 minutes to respond to a couple of texts and to drink some water before getting back on the trail again. The winds were NOT very strong overall, but there were some bursts of wind that really worked against me. However, the winds were definitely "variable", coming from each direction one moment after the next. My legs were not in the mood to cycle and were screaming at me within 10 minutes of pedaling. Originally, I was planning on bringing my 2 year old in the bike trailer today, but I could NOT figure out how to fit the trailer into the back of my mommy van, it was too wide with my one back row seat up. However, after today's ride, I was able to dismantle a couple of pieces and get it to fit in the back. So, tomorrow's challenge for myself.... Ride my bike from YRP to the Honda Center in Anaheim with my youngest in tow. Hopefully, he will behave and he will help burn some extra calories.

Until tomorrow readers, have a good night. I will post again soon.

OH! My weight today was 136. I plan on going to the weight loss clinic in the early am for a weigh-in before taking my middle son to pre-school. Hopefully, I will see a good number.

Eastvale jog on 01/24/11

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Here are the results from my jog yesterday here in my community. This time, I decided to jog my 4 mile route in reverse (from finish to start). For some reason, I needed to stop about every 1/3 mile or so. I was pooped. However, I made sure to keep my stops at 1 minute or less. Heck, a couple of times I kept it to 15 seconds, forcing myself to trudge through. One really awesome thing I noticed about my results- I left and came back within 58 minutes! That's less than 1 hour for 4 miles, plus all my stops. That 58 minutes even includes a pit stop at one of the local parks to use the restroom (I had to "go" at less than 1 mile into my run). The park was 2.3 miles or so into my run. I was so proud of myself for my stats on this run *patting myself on my back*.

Saturday: no appetite. My cold completely took me down and I napped for 2 hours. I even went to bed soon after all my kids did. That's not like me at all!
Sunday: I didn't really eat because I was still getting over my cold and had no appetite. However, since I had been scrubbing my bathroom all day, hubby convinced me to get out of the house. So, we ran (not literally) over to Target and then stopped for food at Johnny Rockets. I had a "Route 66" and a side salad. (Route 66 is a hamburger w/swiss cheese and mushrooms, my favorite). I guess I was hungry, because I devoured that burger within 8 minutes, very unlike me!
Monday: only a slight appetite, but that was after my ride. I had purchased McDonald's Egg McMuffins w/sausage for my kids, but they only ate a total of the 3 from the 4 I bought. So, I had 1/2 of the last one. Yuck! Did you know that that breakfast sandwich has over 300 calories in it? I didn't know till I started reading the wrapper. That turned me off real quick! For dinner, I had made the kids chicken nachos. I made myself a very small portion. The kiddie bowl I used holds about 8 oz of food, but I had only put in 3 ounces of food. I was stuffed afterwards. Silly, I know. But, I was full. I did indulge in a little dessert from a previous dinner leftover (Mimi's Cafe) around 10:30, it was their petite Bread Pudding. I tried not to eat the whole thing, but I finished it. It was really tasty, but I'm glad it's out of my fridge and no longer calling my name to come eat it.

My weight was 136 this am. I'm progressing now that my hubby is back to travelling again. When he's home, I tend to indulge, like eating snacks or sweets, or ice cream while trying to watch a little tv with him. But, when he's not here, I don't watch tv which means no additional indulgances.

01/21/11 Eastvale jog

01/21/11 Eastvale jog by lisas.lil.lam at Garmin Connect - Details

My jogging results from Friday the 21st. I was able to complete 4 miles in a little over 42 minutes of moving. I am trying really hard to increase my endurance so that I can eventually do a 10K! Unfortunately, I have been naughty about my food consumption so my weight has been teetering around 138. Boooo... I will get back and STAY on track. I have my goal and I am so close!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Eastvale jog 01/19/11

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Here are my results from today's 4 mile jog. I was able to get in the 1st mile with my hubby, but because I was moving a bit slow, he needed to head back and get some work done. I continued on to finish off the last 3 miles on my own. Today's weather was really nice, 70 degrees and lots of sunshine and a slight headwind halfway home. Luckily, I did not run out of water today, but that's probably because Les topped me off before he headed back home. I am thankful that he doesn't want me passing out from dehydration, he doesn't consume nearly as much water as I do when we exercise.

Well, today is my "Wednesday" so we are going to get ready for a little date night. I'm looking forward to it. Until next time...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Eastvale jog w/my hubby on 01/18/11

Eastvale jog 1st 1/2 w/Les by lisas.lil.lam at Garmin Connect - Details

These are the results from my jog today with my hubby. I did the first 2.25 niles with my hubby. He had to get back on a conference call so he stayed home, while I came in to refill my water bottle and then headed back out for another 2.06 miles on my own. Once again the temp here in SoCal was a nice 80 degrees. I have a new tanline to add to my back, great, I look like a zebra from behind! LOL!

Since instilling our new family chore list, we have all done really well. I've been able to stay on top of my chores each day, I just need to work extra on our master bedroom, it needs a lot of work. My older 2 have griped a bit about the chores, okay- mainly my oldest son. But, the chores have been getting done as scheduled or even a day early. I'm very proud of them. Today, as the older 2 were leaving for school, I started my chore, vacuuming the upstairs & downstairs. I was able to finish that and wash all the breakfast dishes before taking my younger 2 to daycare/ preschool. I am very proud of myself. So proud, I guess, that I added that extra mile to my run today. Hahahaha! What a treat, right?

Have a beautiful day.

Eastvale Jog w/my brood on 01/17/11

Eastvale jog w/Les by lisas.lil.lam at Garmin Connect - Details

Here are my results from running w/my family on MLK day. It was a beautiful day here in SoCal! The weather has actually been really nice the last few days, very strange. My kids were very cooperative while we did our jog, which I appreciate. I ran out of water just 1 mile before getting home. Luckily, my hubby gave me the last of his before heading back, he took the kids back a little early so I could finish out my 3 miles. What an awesome man!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Eastvale jog 01/13/11

Eastvale jog by lisas.lil.lam at Garmin Connect - Details

Here are today's results from my morning jog around my community. My goal was to do 3.1 miles as usual, but I actually surprised myself by going 4.01 miles. I brought a 16 oz bottle of water with me, which barely lasted till the 3.75 mile mark. It was a lovely 70 degrees out today, weird CA weather. My exhaustion kicked in at the 3.75 mile mark (I had stopped to catch my breath), I almost fell over while taking a swig of my water. But, I managed to make it all the way back. I think what surprised me the most out of today's jog, was the fact that I actually increased my speed with each mile. I plan on running again tomorrow and I hope to match today's results.

YRP to HB & back

YRP to HB & back by lisas.lil.lam at Garmin Connect - Details

Here are my stats from a ride I did on Tuesday. (Sorry, I forgot to post on here.) By the time I got the the Honda Center, I was partially tired, but felt that I could keep going. So, I did. I got about another 1/2 mile from the HC and the SART underpass was flooded (thanks to all the rain that fell about 3 weeks ago). I had to backtrack and cross the streets. I finally made it out to Huntinton Beach, but I was exhausted. I had to stop quite often to catch my breath and give my poor thighs a break. Once I got to HB, I went to dismount my bike at one of the bathroom area. I pulled my left foot off the pedal with no problem, but..... I totally misjudged distance and my steering. I couldn't get my right foot off quick enough and I ended up flinging myself into the planter wall. My handlebar tip rammed me in the thigh, leaving a perfect circle. And, I landed on the edge of the planter leaving an 8" bruise across my right thigh. The bruise doesn't look nearly as bad as it feels. (The drive home was awful. My seat was pressing against my bruise.) I hung out for about 10 minutes and then started back. The whole ride back was PAINFUL! My legs were resisting every push & pull I made to get back. At about 9.5 miles back from the beach, I ran out of water. Really?! Man, I was not doing so well. I found a water fountain around the 13 mile marker, yes! I eventually made it back to my car, after 4 hours of cycling. Normally, the whole round trip takes me 3 hours, so this timing was bad, very bad.

I will need to get back on the saddle again soon.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

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Untitled by lisas.lil.lam at Garmin Connect - Details

Today was the big day. My 1st 5K ever! I completed it, in less than 40 minutes overall. I started a minute or so after the timer started, but I crossed the finish line just under 39:00 into the race itself. I feel good. No, more like proud, for finishing my first race ever. However, I was more impressed by the 3-4 year old boy running with his dad and the blind runner who were out there doing the event as well. Props to them!

That's all for now. Have a great day everyone.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

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Untitled by lisas.lil.lam at Garmin Connect - Details

Here are the results from today's jog. Unfortunately, I hit the stop button on my timer, so my 2nd mile wasn't recorded. Grrr! Anyway, it's the same route I've been using to train for the 5K this coming Saturday. Luckily, my older 2 stayed at a friend's house to play and I had already dropped off the younger 2 at the local daycare facility. It was nice to just focus on the jog at hand. It's hard to truly focus on the jog when you're worrying about 2 kids fighting, the other 2 NOT getting hit by cars, and hubby way ahead giving you that look, "come on already". I ended up stopping twice to catch my breath and I slowed down another 2 times so I could better drink my water & give my legs a little break. I can't wait to see what my time looks like once I don't have to stop!

Okay. So, I need to fess up and admit that I ate a no-no last night. It's not like me to cheat so badly, but I did. I had the Carl's Jr salad during the afternoon, as I mentioned in my previous blog, so by dinner time, I wasn't hungry. However, when 9:00 rolled around, I was starving! I ate the second half of a carnitas omelette from El Sabroso Grill, it was hella good. Apparently, I was so hungry, I devoured it within 3 minutes! LOL!!! But, after the kids went to bed, I came back downstairs to craft a little and ended up eating 1/2 a small container of Green Tea Ice Cream (no not a sorbet, like I would normally eat, but actual ice cream). So, now the scale and I are not friends, it's showing I put on 2 pounds and that makes me a little sad. I have no one to blame but myself. No one shoved that food down my throat, but me. Now, I must work that much harder to get back down and then to get to my goal. This puts me at 14 pounds away from my goal weight. These will probably be THE most difficult pounds to lose, not that this was that easy, either! But, I know I can do it. By exercising like a made woman- getting fitter & strengthening my body each day and by watching what I eat, it will happen. Plus, this blogging thing is keeping me honest with each day's activities. It's like my personally weight loss diary, but that the whole world can read about it too, not just me.

Take care everyone, and stay safe. Till tomorrow.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Where's my motivation today?

Usually, each day I wake up with an idea of what exercise I'm going to do for the day. But, not today. My hubby & I stayed up till 1:00am last night watching tv, so sleep didn't come as early as we orignally planned. Somewhere around 8:00, the monkeys kept trying to crawl into our bed, which we are trying to break them of this habit. However, since they couldn't get in our bed, that meant they were free to roam the house & create mayhem. Ugh! Luckily, our oldest son was up, so he hung out for a bit watching tv with them while i attempted to pry my eyes open. Not long after, the 2 y/old was screaming because the 4 y/old had his toy and had run upstairs to hide it. I caught himn& had him return the toy to the screaming child downstairs. Not a good way to start a morning, you think?

Anyway, thanks to this very disruptive sleep pattern in the morning, my brain was in a fog. It's a wonder I didn't tumble down the stairs since my eyes and brain were heavily fogged. However, I somehow made it down the stairs as graceful as any other day when I'm wide awake. Go figure! So I sat for a moment & tried to contemplate today's agenda... *crickets chirping at this point* It was still raining outside, so I figured my outdoor activities were out of the question. Hmm, now which video should I attempt? Kickboxing? 30-Day Shred? Zumba? As it turned out, I didn't do any of them. I got dressed in regular clothes & did some house cleaning instead, exciting, but productive nonetheless. I vacuumed my floor with my brand new DYSON DC25 Animal (ball version). Spot cleaned my carpet- the dog tagged my floor this morning. Scrubbed my guest bathroom floor (you COULD probably eat off of it, but I won't). And, scrubbed my crafting desk one more time. At this point I was starting to feel a bit grumpy, so hubby loaded the kids & me into the car. He dropped me off at the local nail place so I could get my acrylics filled and he swept the kids off to Carl's Jr. across the parking lot to feed the kids & let them play. All so I could de-stress and get some peace & quiet, if even for one hour. Ahhhh, I so needed that. Thank you Les! After I was done, I walked over to meet my brood. I loaded the kids in my mommy-van and hubby came out sporting a Carl's bag, he bought me a salad. And, knowing I am watching my calorie intake, he bought a 318 calorie salad and grabbed pico de gallo so I could use it as my dressing vs. the 150 calorie dressing that they include w/the salad. I LOVE that my hubby thinks of these things. We came home. I ate. The older 2 played outside and the younger 2 played on their LeapFrog Leapsters. All is right with my world again. Yes!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

01/02/11 Jog Details

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Here are the results of today's jog. It's very chilly out & expected to rain any moment now so we got in a quick jog. The monkeys were already fighting in the trailer before we could even get going, not good. But, they finally settled down after a few minutes and just stayed quiet for the majority of the trip. My left lower abdomen gave me a bit of pain for about 30% of the run so I had a hard time staying focused. Luckily, hubby sensed that I couldn't keep up so he offered to shorten our run today- I am grateful for that.

So we are back, ready to face the rest of the day. Have a safe & dry day everyone.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Eastvale jog by lisas.lil.lam at Garmin Connect - Details

Eastvale jog by lisas.lil.lam at Garmin Connect - Details

Here are my results from today's jog. I decided to start the new year with both feet on the ground running.

My family has been SO supportive of my weight loss and exercise routines. Our daughter hauls the 2 little ones in the bike trailer while our oldest son rides his bike alongside his dad. Les & Loren can go a bit faster than I can, so Lindsay stays with me so I can monitor the monkeys (little ones) and so she and I can share the water/sport bottle. I am also trying to get my older two into the habit of getting dressed each day, even if nothing is planned and to be willing to get up & move (preferably outside). I was a couch potato up until about a year ago and I don't want them to be like that, I want them to be active. I want it to be second nature for them.

So yesterday and today I got on the scale (like I do everyday, I know, bad habit) and surprisingly the scale read 137! OMG I'm so close to my goal weight now! Heck, I'm 6-7 lbs over what I graduated high school at 20 years ago! Very weird to put it in that perspective considering I've had 4 kids since high school.

Oh, I guess I could mention what I did eat last night/yesterday. I'm not much of a big eater (anymore, hello I enjoy food, that's partially why I reached 200 pounds) so some of you may scold me for not eating enough. In the morning, I had coffee w/2 sweet n low & 1oz of creamer, as well as a slice of homemade cinnamon raisin swirl bread. For lunch I had 2 oz of grilled salmon (my kids finished off the rest I had portioned for myself) as well as some water. Dinner- we went to an Indian restaurant and I ate a little Naan, paratha, lentils, garbanzo beans, chicken & rice as well as a chai tea. I was stuffed, but it was so tasty.

Anyway, that's enough blabbering for now. Thanks for reading.