Friday, February 26, 2016

Crafting With Vinyl

I've signed up with a few companies to review products of theirs at a discounted rate. One of the products I ran across was Angel Crafts 6x12" Vinyl which has a multitude of colors and you receive 35 sheets.  I was able to order through my Amazon Prime account and received the vinyl pack in 2 days.

As you other crafters may know or have experience fed, we can get "crafter's block". Well, I got hit hard once I received the vinyl.  It took me a few days to come up with an idea.  I finally remembered that my husband wanted to steal my "Powder Room" sign  from my water closet. BAM! It hit me! I'll make him his own personal "Powder Room" sign for his "Man-Crafting Station".

I brought out my trusty Cricut machine and got started. Here you can see the settings I used for cutting the vinyl sheets. It seemed it was perfect because I had no problem cutting through the vinyl fully and with no tears or mishaps.

Here are all the letters and brackets cut out.

I always joke with my husband that this is what a gun should sound like in a cartoon.

Here is Hubby's new custom "{Gun} Powder Room" sign.

Hubby just came last night from an international flight and saw his wall. The verdict- he likes it!

Like I mentioned earlier, the vinyl is easy to use, cut and position. I even had to reposition some letters because they were really crooked. (He has stuff on the floor that is too heavy to move and I had to maneuver around.)

I hope you like it. Have you made anything with vinyl before? I'm a newbie and look forward to creating other items in the future with this pack I purchased.