Wednesday, April 27, 2011

04/27/11 jog in HB via SART

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So, as of last night, I hadn't decided where I was going to jog. At least I had narrowed down my exercise down to jogging. Once I got up today and checked the hourly report, I decided to head out to HB for a jog in sunny SoCal. Here, where I live, it was expected to get to 90 and I didn't want to jog in that kind of heat with NO breeze. So, the beach it was. Of course my monkeys were ecstatic because this meant they could go play video games at the childcare facility I use out there. Off we went.

Good think we have a "FASTPASS" and I had the monkeys. Traffic was bad, but on the FastLanes, it was a breeze. We were at the daycare within 30 minutes even with traffic heading towards the beach, with us. After dropping off the boys, I drove to my favorite spot so I could get my jog on. Right after I got my shoes on and turned on my HRM/timer, my phone rang. This is not a bad thing. My good friend who is expecting her 4th child had called to chat and I was more than happy to catch up. After about 40 minutes of chatting we disconnected. About 2 mins before hanging up, I had jumped out of my car to get a move on. I started with a nice/semi-fast walk to warm up (my HRM showed 3.5mph at that time). After my warm-up, I set my phone radio and took off. Just like on Monday, I jogged towards the beach and tried to use the distance markers as points that I should either target or pass. (Most of them ended up being my targets.) My thighs were burning and wasn't sure if I could even make it the 1st mile, it hurt bad! For my last run, I made it to the 3rd concrete platform (normally there are public restrooms on these platforms, but this one is empty), but today I NEEDED to stop at the 1st platform-my bladder was full. (Sorry if that's TMI for you.) I then filled up my water bottle and decided that instead of continuuing on, I would go down the one side of the jetty towards the beach. Well, that didn't give me very much distance. So after coming back up, I went down the other side, basically tracing the mouth of the jetty. I had just reached over 2 miles by the time I got back to the trail, so I headed back to my car. Once I got to 3.64miles (I looked), I noticed my car wasn't very far, heck, I KNOW it wasn't almost 1/2 mile away. Darn! So, I dropped off my water bottle at my car and decided to run around the Carl's Jr/Mobil Gas Station parking lot. After my 1st loop I checked my stats, darn- 3.89 miles. I did another lap, but cut through the parking lot because I thought it would be enough. WRONG! 3.98 miles by the time I got to the gas station doorway. Ugh, really?! I used the restroom bought a beverage (iced tea) and then bolted for my car. Yes! 4.02 miles in all! Whew. That's 8 miles this week so far!

My legs are sore, as expected. However, I started to develop a blister on my right foot, so for the last half mile my foot slowly started hurting more and more. Not sure why, I may have tightened my shoes too much. No matter. All is good. It feels good to get back on a routine again. I need to stay motivated and keep moving before my rear expands all over again.

Until next time... Be safe and be healthy.

Monday, April 25, 2011

04/25/11 walk/jog in HB

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So today's schedule was a little different...Hubby needed to fly out of OC airport so I decided to leave the monkeys at the childcare place out there and go for a jog/walk. I started just 1.2 miles from the beach and work my way over as far as I could. I made it 2.0 miles before I just NEEDED to head back. My lower right back and right knee were "complaining" pretty bad, but I wanted a nice round number. I made it back in one piece, but I did have to stop a lot to rest my knee (mostly). I ended up doing 4.02 miles in 48:32 minutes, not too bad considering it's been quite awhile since I last jogged. I also ended up burning 381 calories-I'd say that's a pretty good start to this week. Now, if I can just keep it up.


Friday, April 22, 2011

04/21/11 Short ride-HC to GC and back by lisas.lil.lam at Garmin Connect - Details

04/21/11 Short ride_HCto GC and back by lisas.lil.lam at Garmin Connect - Details

As my title states, this was definitely a short ride and very disappointing. It was NOT my day to ride. The results were pathetic. Not really worth posting, but I wanted to show that YES I did attempt to go out for a ride. I was using my friend Mel's bike, but the maintenance has been poor and the gears were slipping on me (more than once) to the point that I felt that I was not safe riding the bike. Oh well. I'll get back on my bike in a few days.

Happy Easter this weekend! We will be celebrating Easter, my oldest son's 9th Birthday and my 12th Wedding Anniversary. (Needless to say, I've been hella busy in my litchen this past week.)

Take care.

Monday, April 11, 2011

04/11/11 Ride with my hubby

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So these past 2 weeks were spent relaxing with all 4 of my kids. The older 2 were on Spring Break and I decided to keep the little ones home with us. We also had "Flat Courtney" for that time frame so we made sure to do some things with her for my niece Courtney's project for school. We went to the beach, and got sunburned. We walked 3 miles to and from the beach- I carried my 3 year old both ways because his lil flip flops wouldn't stay on. We did a LOT of baking- homemade mexican sweet breads called "Conchas" 3 times, fresh pop tarts, and cake balls. All tasty, but I used my willpower and didn't over-induldge, just tried to ensure the flavors and quality. I swear! We also drove to meet my friend Kelly out in Irvine one day for a playdate at a park out there, I took my neighbor's girls with us so their mom could have a break. We didn't travel anywhere far- we wanted to visit my mom in Northern NV, but the weather was being very unpredictable, oh well, maybe next time.

Anyway. This past Saturday was my youngest child's 3rd Birthday. We had a party to go to for a nephew's 1st Birthday that day so we didn't really celebrate on HIS Birthday. However, after the nephew's party, we visited my good friend Kelly at her workplace and had dinner to celebrate. I reminded Kelly that Les' bday is just a couple of days away, so the staff surprised both my hubby and my son with a Birthday song and sundaes! The looks on their faces was PRICELESS! Sunday, we took the kids bowling locally using a "Groupon" deal we had purchased. (I have to say that it was a great deal. You should check their deals out. We were able to take all 6 of us bowling, with shoe rentals for 2hours for only $15. Talk about cheap entertainment!) All the kids had a blast. Afterwards, errands as usual, then dinner, then... a Birthday Cake I made & decorated for my lil guy. He loved it! (If I can ever figure out how to post pics on this blog I will post a pic of his cake. I have another blog I can post to from my phone, but it gets confusing. Arg!)

Today (Monday) it was back to the usual school schedules. After dropping off our older kids to school, we sent "Flat Courtney" enroute back to North Carolina and then dropped my monkeys off at their daycare early. Les and I drove out to the Honda Center in Anaheim to start our ride. (We were originally going to start from the Yorba Regional Park, glad we didn't, my knee-caps want to fall off! We shaved off 16 miles total by not riding from YRP.) We ended up riding 27.32 miles with headwinds that we both felt. I was near tears by the time we got back to my car. I felt SO out of shape and in pain. We borrowed our friend Mel's bike (she has the "ram" style bars on her bike) so I could get a feel for this riding style. Let's just say, I need to ride it one more time to see if it's the kind of bike for me. We're thinking it's time for me to upgrade again so it's nice to borrow bikes and give them a test ride before making a bad purchase.

That's all for now. I need to go soak my knees in some hot water and hope they don't slide off. LOL! Take care, have a great day.