Thursday, January 13, 2011

YRP to HB & back

YRP to HB & back by lisas.lil.lam at Garmin Connect - Details

Here are my stats from a ride I did on Tuesday. (Sorry, I forgot to post on here.) By the time I got the the Honda Center, I was partially tired, but felt that I could keep going. So, I did. I got about another 1/2 mile from the HC and the SART underpass was flooded (thanks to all the rain that fell about 3 weeks ago). I had to backtrack and cross the streets. I finally made it out to Huntinton Beach, but I was exhausted. I had to stop quite often to catch my breath and give my poor thighs a break. Once I got to HB, I went to dismount my bike at one of the bathroom area. I pulled my left foot off the pedal with no problem, but..... I totally misjudged distance and my steering. I couldn't get my right foot off quick enough and I ended up flinging myself into the planter wall. My handlebar tip rammed me in the thigh, leaving a perfect circle. And, I landed on the edge of the planter leaving an 8" bruise across my right thigh. The bruise doesn't look nearly as bad as it feels. (The drive home was awful. My seat was pressing against my bruise.) I hung out for about 10 minutes and then started back. The whole ride back was PAINFUL! My legs were resisting every push & pull I made to get back. At about 9.5 miles back from the beach, I ran out of water. Really?! Man, I was not doing so well. I found a water fountain around the 13 mile marker, yes! I eventually made it back to my car, after 4 hours of cycling. Normally, the whole round trip takes me 3 hours, so this timing was bad, very bad.

I will need to get back on the saddle again soon.

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