Thursday, December 30, 2010

Eastvale jog by lisas.lil.lam at Garmin Connect - Details

Eastvale jog by lisas.lil.lam at Garmin Connect - Details

Here is today's jog.

No jog or cycling yesterday as it was raining like crazy. Plus, it was "my Wednesday" so hubby & I were able to get away from the kids and just take it easy. We ran some errands, did some exchanges and a little shopping.

I am now exactly 15 pounds away from my goal weight. Ooooh, so exciting!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Some things have changed

So, since the last time I posted on here, I've changed my daily activities a little bit. Instead of the usual sit around the house, cook and clean ONLY... I now take my younger 2 to a childcare facility 5 days/week and cycle while they are there. I have been cycling around 20-30 miles/day; sometimes more, sometimes less. I started actively trying to lose weight back in April of 2009, from December '09-August '10, I had hit a weight loss "brick wall"- I could not shed a pound. It was horrible, no matter what I did or how hard I tried, my weight just stayed on, it was so frustrating!! In August, I went back to the local weight loss clinic & started using their program again, guess what, it started working again. As of now, I've lost 55 pounds and have only 15 more to lose! WooHoo! I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the (battle of the bulge) tunnel.

Back in August, Les bought me a new bike to help me increase my speed & really get going. I didn't want to upgrade my bike until I knew that I was going to keep up on the cycling. I really enjoy getting outside, breathing the fresh SoCal air and losing myself for an hour or so. I even got a pair of cycling shoes (clip less) in September and they make a world of difference in the way I pedal!

In November, I decided that I needed to change things up again, so I took up jogging. First, I walked about 3.5 miles, but decided that was taking too long so I started jog-walking on the way back. Boy was that hard on my body! (I should mention, that I have NEVER wanted to jog before, I despised jogging/running.) But, I made it. I tried to do the "Turkey Trot" up by my mom's in Northern Nevada, but it was only 6 degrees when we were supposed to head out- nuh uh, no way, not going to happen, that's way too cold for me to go outside, willingly. In early December, my hubby treated us to a trip to Maui- it was gorgeous! I made sure to either jog on the public boardwalk or to use the gym's treadmill. I was really proud of myself. Unfortunately, for the past 2 weeks, the weather was pretty cruddy here in SoCal so I couldn't do anything outside, ugh!

Well, today, I bit the bullet. I decided that even though I'd only had 3.5 hours of sleep, that I was going to get off my rear and get on that bike and MOVE. I even got my hubby to step away from his work to join me. Amazing, I know. The weather was beautiful so the trail I like to use was a bit busy. But, that's okay, it was still usable. We rode for 19.35 miles today. We completed the ride in 1h12mins. Not bad for the first time back out in 2 weeks. My legs were sore before I could even get off my bike. Tomorrow, I plan on jogging.

So I just wanted to update this blog & say, I'm getting out there & exercising. I've got a goal and I can "almost taste it"! I have 15 more pounds to lose to reach that goal. For the most part, this blog will probably be more about my weight loss journey to lose the last few pounds. I'm really proud of my progress so far. I've lost 55 pounds, coming from 196 down to 141 so far, from a size 18/20XL- to a size 6/small. I can actually say that even some of the small clothes overwhelm my body.

That's all for now. I'll try to post more often and share what I have accomplished.