Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Untitled by lisas.lil.lam at Garmin Connect - Details

Untitled by lisas.lil.lam at Garmin Connect - Details

Here are the results from today's jog. Unfortunately, I hit the stop button on my timer, so my 2nd mile wasn't recorded. Grrr! Anyway, it's the same route I've been using to train for the 5K this coming Saturday. Luckily, my older 2 stayed at a friend's house to play and I had already dropped off the younger 2 at the local daycare facility. It was nice to just focus on the jog at hand. It's hard to truly focus on the jog when you're worrying about 2 kids fighting, the other 2 NOT getting hit by cars, and hubby way ahead giving you that look, "come on already". I ended up stopping twice to catch my breath and I slowed down another 2 times so I could better drink my water & give my legs a little break. I can't wait to see what my time looks like once I don't have to stop!

Okay. So, I need to fess up and admit that I ate a no-no last night. It's not like me to cheat so badly, but I did. I had the Carl's Jr salad during the afternoon, as I mentioned in my previous blog, so by dinner time, I wasn't hungry. However, when 9:00 rolled around, I was starving! I ate the second half of a carnitas omelette from El Sabroso Grill, it was hella good. Apparently, I was so hungry, I devoured it within 3 minutes! LOL!!! But, after the kids went to bed, I came back downstairs to craft a little and ended up eating 1/2 a small container of Green Tea Ice Cream (no not a sorbet, like I would normally eat, but actual ice cream). So, now the scale and I are not friends, it's showing I put on 2 pounds and that makes me a little sad. I have no one to blame but myself. No one shoved that food down my throat, but me. Now, I must work that much harder to get back down and then to get to my goal. This puts me at 14 pounds away from my goal weight. These will probably be THE most difficult pounds to lose, not that this was that easy, either! But, I know I can do it. By exercising like a made woman- getting fitter & strengthening my body each day and by watching what I eat, it will happen. Plus, this blogging thing is keeping me honest with each day's activities. It's like my personally weight loss diary, but that the whole world can read about it too, not just me.

Take care everyone, and stay safe. Till tomorrow.

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