Tuesday, February 1, 2011

02/01/11 Cycling with my youngest

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Above is the link to my bike ride I took today. The route is the usual, but this time, I finally got to bring my younest son with me. I changed the broken tube yesterday after taking my husband to the airport. I believe he truly enjoyed it, because he barely spoke, which is so unlike him, he is a chatterbox! We rode 16.71 miles in total and it took us 1 hr 13 minutes roundtrip, we averaged 13.7 mph. Not too shabby.

While I was loading our gear back into my car, my lil guy decided to bring his lunch items out and have a little picnic on the curb next to where we were parked. It was quite cute.

Well, that's all for now. I need to relax. My lower back is tight and I'm exhausted from that ride. Tomorrow we probably won't be doing any outdoor exercise as the winds are suppose to pick up again and will make things difficult. So we probably just chill and run a few errands.

Until next time...

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