Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Eastvale jog w/my hubby on 01/18/11

Eastvale jog 1st 1/2 w/Les by lisas.lil.lam at Garmin Connect - Details

These are the results from my jog today with my hubby. I did the first 2.25 niles with my hubby. He had to get back on a conference call so he stayed home, while I came in to refill my water bottle and then headed back out for another 2.06 miles on my own. Once again the temp here in SoCal was a nice 80 degrees. I have a new tanline to add to my back, great, I look like a zebra from behind! LOL!

Since instilling our new family chore list, we have all done really well. I've been able to stay on top of my chores each day, I just need to work extra on our master bedroom, it needs a lot of work. My older 2 have griped a bit about the chores, okay- mainly my oldest son. But, the chores have been getting done as scheduled or even a day early. I'm very proud of them. Today, as the older 2 were leaving for school, I started my chore, vacuuming the upstairs & downstairs. I was able to finish that and wash all the breakfast dishes before taking my younger 2 to daycare/ preschool. I am very proud of myself. So proud, I guess, that I added that extra mile to my run today. Hahahaha! What a treat, right?

Have a beautiful day.

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