Tuesday, March 22, 2011

03/22/11 Coast ride w/Flat Stanley

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Last night I received a visitor- Flat Stanley came over from North Carolina, my nephew had sent him. We decided that since the weather was supposed to be nice today, we would go for a beachside ride and give him a cycling adventure. We started at "Moon Park" rode out to the Newport Jetty, about 5 miles in 21 minutes. We then proceeded to Newport Beach and Balboa Pier until the sidewalk ended. The trail was 75% covered in sand, either from the waves that came over from the Japan 03/10/11 Tsunami or the hard rainfall from yesterday. Once we hit the dead end, we turned around and rode all the way over to the Huntington Beach Pier where the Ruby's Diner is. We had to make this our final turnaround point because my legs were really sore. There were headwinds and Flat Stanley kept catching them, but not to our benefit, he wasn't being that helpful at all. We rode back to my car and called it a day. We were exhausted! We really wanted to stop at the In N Out around the corner, but we were out of time and had to get the monkeys, maybe for dinner. We rode 26.14 miles in 1h49 minutes moving time, but it actually took us 2h49mins to cycle and take all the pics needed for my nephew. We even got a couple of surfers to allow Stanley to pose on their surf boards! How nice of them, they were familiar with the Flat Stanley story.

Well, that's all for now, I need to help with homework and then off to dinner and Open House at my kids school. Later.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Beach Ride on 03/10/11

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This week has been gorgeous! I decided to go on a bike ride at the beach today and soak up some vitamin D. Today was supposed to be around 69 degrees for a high in the Huntington Beach area. Well, it ended up being a little warmer than that after all. I rode a total 26.39 miles round trip. The headwind felt strong as soon as I got onto the SART. It was so strong that even though I wasn't going that fast, my heart was beating in the 180's 90% of the time. That was rough. Thanks to the bodyrock.tv workout routines I do from Zuzana, my thighs were burning before I could even complete the 1st mile, OUCH! I really really wanted to turn back and say "hell no, I'm not cycling today", but, I decided that I needed to get off my rear and move it. Now that I've finished my ride, I can say I'm glad I did. I would have been so mad at myself if I didn't follow through. After I brought my monkeys home and unloaded my bike, I even played catch with my youngest 2. They had a blast.

I will post my workout results from yesterday, Wednesday next. I forgot to post them here on my blog. Later, need to put my monkeys to bed right now.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

03/02/11 No exercise today

Yup, you read right. I'm sore and I got no sleep last night. My 3 y/old was up constantly! So today, I'm taking it easy. I'm going to the market to get items to make a treat for my sweet hubby to have after he comes home tomorrow. Have a wonderful day!

03/01/11 In-home exercises

Today, I woke up super-sore! I was in no way motivated to go cycling or jogging. Heck, getting out of bed was physically challenging! My glutes were still throbbing. (On a side note, the exercises I had done yesterday exhausted me so much, that I had a decent night of sleep!) I was planning on keeping the younger monkey with me, but he became a major booger, so I ended up going to childcare along with the older monkey. I ran a few errands. Went for my weigh-in, yay, those pesky pounds that jumped back onto me are all gone. I'm back down to 132! I treated myself to a Venti size Pike's Place coffe at the Starbuck's that was across the street. Afterwards, I went grocery shopping at Sam's club. Drove home, grabbed some paperwork and then headed off to the elementary school to register my middle son for Kindergarten. Came back, unloaded the groceries, switched out cars and then off to go get the monkeys. We then drove over to Sear's to return some items that didn't work out. Dropped off a package for my hubby at a local Staples. Then, off to wait for my older kids to get out of their school. (Yup, I drove all around 3 different towns in one day.)

Once home, I started my chores for housecleaning. Vacuumed upstair, downstairs carpet & hardwood and the stairs themselves. I then mopped the hardwood and then started dinner. While dinner was cooking, I looked on YouTube for another workout routine to try. I chose the Intense boot camp routine and burned about 310 calories. I also chose the Boot camp routine by Zuzana and did 5 of the 6 exercises she does. I modified one since I didn't have the equipment, I ended burning 305 calories. Now, let me tell you this, I can honestly say... I HATE burpees! Those suckers hurt, BAD!!!! I was so drenched from these 2 routines, I had to shower right away.

If you are looking to change up your fitness routine and have some serious endurance and willpower, check out "Bodyrock.tv" or "charliejames1975" on YouTube. Zuzana really shows you how to move and she has the body to prove it. On a few videos I've watched, she's actually had to stop & catch her breath, I'm glad they didn't edit that out & make it seem like she powers straight thru from start to finish. I watch her videos, choose the ones I want to do, write down the exercise names (so I can follow the pattern, modify any that I need to and then do it. I will say now that I am not "fit", I've lost a lot of weight, but I'm working on getting my body into shape & trying to tighten things up as best as I can.

I am in NO way affiliated with "BodyRock.tv" or with "charliejames1975", I just enjoy the workouts they were kind enough to post on YouTube.

If you get the chance to do any of her routines, let me know. I love hearing from others how their weight loss and fitness journeys are going. Good luck and until next time.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

02/28/11 Indoor routine at home

Monday was a bit busy. Added to my usual routine is taking the hubby to the airport so that we have a few extra minutes together before he takes off. Since I can't cycle or jog due to the timing for the monkey's childcare, I just decided to run errands before picking them up. However, I decided to do some exercises after I got back with my boys. On YouTube, there is "bodyrock.tv" and Zazuna does these intense workouts that just work you into a serious sweat fest! I forgot to wear my HRM while doing the 1st routine ("Push Me"), but I will estimate that I burned 220 in calories. I took a break and then made dinner for the kids. While they ate, I did the "Sexy Fit Beast" routine. This time I wore my HRM and determined that I burned 245 calories in 19 minutes. This was a time-challenge. By the time I showered, my legs/glutes were sore. I took a bath later to soothe my aching muscles. As I tried to get out of the bath, I then realized that my abs were killing me too. Ouch!

It was a good workout!