Monday, January 3, 2011

Where's my motivation today?

Usually, each day I wake up with an idea of what exercise I'm going to do for the day. But, not today. My hubby & I stayed up till 1:00am last night watching tv, so sleep didn't come as early as we orignally planned. Somewhere around 8:00, the monkeys kept trying to crawl into our bed, which we are trying to break them of this habit. However, since they couldn't get in our bed, that meant they were free to roam the house & create mayhem. Ugh! Luckily, our oldest son was up, so he hung out for a bit watching tv with them while i attempted to pry my eyes open. Not long after, the 2 y/old was screaming because the 4 y/old had his toy and had run upstairs to hide it. I caught himn& had him return the toy to the screaming child downstairs. Not a good way to start a morning, you think?

Anyway, thanks to this very disruptive sleep pattern in the morning, my brain was in a fog. It's a wonder I didn't tumble down the stairs since my eyes and brain were heavily fogged. However, I somehow made it down the stairs as graceful as any other day when I'm wide awake. Go figure! So I sat for a moment & tried to contemplate today's agenda... *crickets chirping at this point* It was still raining outside, so I figured my outdoor activities were out of the question. Hmm, now which video should I attempt? Kickboxing? 30-Day Shred? Zumba? As it turned out, I didn't do any of them. I got dressed in regular clothes & did some house cleaning instead, exciting, but productive nonetheless. I vacuumed my floor with my brand new DYSON DC25 Animal (ball version). Spot cleaned my carpet- the dog tagged my floor this morning. Scrubbed my guest bathroom floor (you COULD probably eat off of it, but I won't). And, scrubbed my crafting desk one more time. At this point I was starting to feel a bit grumpy, so hubby loaded the kids & me into the car. He dropped me off at the local nail place so I could get my acrylics filled and he swept the kids off to Carl's Jr. across the parking lot to feed the kids & let them play. All so I could de-stress and get some peace & quiet, if even for one hour. Ahhhh, I so needed that. Thank you Les! After I was done, I walked over to meet my brood. I loaded the kids in my mommy-van and hubby came out sporting a Carl's bag, he bought me a salad. And, knowing I am watching my calorie intake, he bought a 318 calorie salad and grabbed pico de gallo so I could use it as my dressing vs. the 150 calorie dressing that they include w/the salad. I LOVE that my hubby thinks of these things. We came home. I ate. The older 2 played outside and the younger 2 played on their LeapFrog Leapsters. All is right with my world again. Yes!

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