Thursday, February 17, 2011

Alternate Workout Routine 02/17/11

Yesterday it rained for most of the day. It's expected to rain all weekend, break on Monday and then continue through Friday, last I checked. Due to the weather, I decided to keep my monkeys home with me so that I won't have to drive too much in the rain with all the other people who can't seem to drive in the rain. After dropping of the school age kids, the boys and I headed out to the weight loss center to FINALLY do a weigh-in. (A couple of weeks ago I packed on 10 pounds, I ate constantly and couldn't seem to get full.) When I weighed in though, the scale only showed a 3 pound increase. (I had lost 3 pounds after my last weigh in, but it doesn't count since it wasn't registered with them and on their scale.) So, 3 pounds up is better than 10 pounds up, I guess! Afterwards, I took the boys to the local Denny's for a late breakfast. I told myself i wouldn't eat the food knowing I had excess weight to lose, but, I ordered the "Moons Over My Hammy Omelette" anyway- blech! I felt horrible after- too greasy! Anyway, I didn't end up exercising since I was doing a lot of house-cleaning. (My vacuum ended up dying on me, it was only a 4 year old Shark Pet vacuum.) It was my "Wednesday" so I ended up heading out to a local mall and taking care of exchanges & such without having to drag the kids with me, it was nice. Afterwards, I headed to my friend's house for a quick chat, I haven't seen her in forever even though we live less than half a mile away from each other.

Today I picked up my husband mid-morning from the airport, he was able to take an early flight home. Unfortunately, today was a break in the weather, meaning it was a gorgeous day, but I didn't go cycling or jogging. However, I decided to change up my routine and workout inside. I had seen a "YouTube" video by "charliejames1975". The girl who does the workout routines is ripped, to say the least! I had watched her videp titled "Ass Busting Workout". I felt motivated, so I donned my exercise clothing and did my own version of her routine. Below I will list the different moves I did. All exercises were done in sets of 20 unless noted otherwise.

"runner's starts" (I don't know what else to call it) total of 6 sets
push ups 2 sets
standing side- crunches 6 sets
sit ups & cross sit ups, a total of 10 sets combined
high knee kicks 8 sets
punches (20 second sets) 4 sets (using handweights)
forward, side & reverse lunges: a combined total of 12 sets (using handweights)
lower ab leg lifts (holding for 5 seconds each time) 4 sets
butt- kicks 2 sets
squats 4 sets (raised arms during downward movement using 2 lb handweights)

It took me just under an hour to complete & that's with juice breaks, booty-wiping my monkeys and a phone call. I ended up burning 500 calories during this routine.

(Sidenote- I'm finishing writing this blog entry on Friday and my body has been screaming at me for the torture I put it through.) I do plan on doing this routine again as I feel that it was a good overall body workout. I'll keep you posted.

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