Thursday, August 25, 2011

08/25/11 Cycling

Today is day 2 of my cycling for the week. Unfortunately, it looks like that's all I'll get during the week due to my middle son's kindergaten schedule. No big, I'll find and make the time as I go.
Let me just start by saying that it was really WARM when I started cycling. UGH! From the get-go, my legs did NOT want to cooperate with me and do that thing called "work/pedal". OUCH! I tried really hard to find a pace to maintain, but my legs felt like jello. By mile 9, just after my turn around point, I wanted to fall over. I am amazed that I made it back to my car. That's how painfully sore my legs feel right now. At least I can say that I did it and I found the strength to push through and finish what I started! My body, family and my heart will thank me for my efforts.
Until next time. Stay healthy. Find the energy to push through.

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