Tuesday, March 1, 2011

02/28/11 Indoor routine at home

Monday was a bit busy. Added to my usual routine is taking the hubby to the airport so that we have a few extra minutes together before he takes off. Since I can't cycle or jog due to the timing for the monkey's childcare, I just decided to run errands before picking them up. However, I decided to do some exercises after I got back with my boys. On YouTube, there is "bodyrock.tv" and Zazuna does these intense workouts that just work you into a serious sweat fest! I forgot to wear my HRM while doing the 1st routine ("Push Me"), but I will estimate that I burned 220 in calories. I took a break and then made dinner for the kids. While they ate, I did the "Sexy Fit Beast" routine. This time I wore my HRM and determined that I burned 245 calories in 19 minutes. This was a time-challenge. By the time I showered, my legs/glutes were sore. I took a bath later to soothe my aching muscles. As I tried to get out of the bath, I then realized that my abs were killing me too. Ouch!

It was a good workout!

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