Tuesday, March 22, 2011

03/22/11 Coast ride w/Flat Stanley

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Last night I received a visitor- Flat Stanley came over from North Carolina, my nephew had sent him. We decided that since the weather was supposed to be nice today, we would go for a beachside ride and give him a cycling adventure. We started at "Moon Park" rode out to the Newport Jetty, about 5 miles in 21 minutes. We then proceeded to Newport Beach and Balboa Pier until the sidewalk ended. The trail was 75% covered in sand, either from the waves that came over from the Japan 03/10/11 Tsunami or the hard rainfall from yesterday. Once we hit the dead end, we turned around and rode all the way over to the Huntington Beach Pier where the Ruby's Diner is. We had to make this our final turnaround point because my legs were really sore. There were headwinds and Flat Stanley kept catching them, but not to our benefit, he wasn't being that helpful at all. We rode back to my car and called it a day. We were exhausted! We really wanted to stop at the In N Out around the corner, but we were out of time and had to get the monkeys, maybe for dinner. We rode 26.14 miles in 1h49 minutes moving time, but it actually took us 2h49mins to cycle and take all the pics needed for my nephew. We even got a couple of surfers to allow Stanley to pose on their surf boards! How nice of them, they were familiar with the Flat Stanley story.

Well, that's all for now, I need to help with homework and then off to dinner and Open House at my kids school. Later.

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