Wednesday, April 27, 2011

04/27/11 jog in HB via SART

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So, as of last night, I hadn't decided where I was going to jog. At least I had narrowed down my exercise down to jogging. Once I got up today and checked the hourly report, I decided to head out to HB for a jog in sunny SoCal. Here, where I live, it was expected to get to 90 and I didn't want to jog in that kind of heat with NO breeze. So, the beach it was. Of course my monkeys were ecstatic because this meant they could go play video games at the childcare facility I use out there. Off we went.

Good think we have a "FASTPASS" and I had the monkeys. Traffic was bad, but on the FastLanes, it was a breeze. We were at the daycare within 30 minutes even with traffic heading towards the beach, with us. After dropping off the boys, I drove to my favorite spot so I could get my jog on. Right after I got my shoes on and turned on my HRM/timer, my phone rang. This is not a bad thing. My good friend who is expecting her 4th child had called to chat and I was more than happy to catch up. After about 40 minutes of chatting we disconnected. About 2 mins before hanging up, I had jumped out of my car to get a move on. I started with a nice/semi-fast walk to warm up (my HRM showed 3.5mph at that time). After my warm-up, I set my phone radio and took off. Just like on Monday, I jogged towards the beach and tried to use the distance markers as points that I should either target or pass. (Most of them ended up being my targets.) My thighs were burning and wasn't sure if I could even make it the 1st mile, it hurt bad! For my last run, I made it to the 3rd concrete platform (normally there are public restrooms on these platforms, but this one is empty), but today I NEEDED to stop at the 1st platform-my bladder was full. (Sorry if that's TMI for you.) I then filled up my water bottle and decided that instead of continuuing on, I would go down the one side of the jetty towards the beach. Well, that didn't give me very much distance. So after coming back up, I went down the other side, basically tracing the mouth of the jetty. I had just reached over 2 miles by the time I got back to the trail, so I headed back to my car. Once I got to 3.64miles (I looked), I noticed my car wasn't very far, heck, I KNOW it wasn't almost 1/2 mile away. Darn! So, I dropped off my water bottle at my car and decided to run around the Carl's Jr/Mobil Gas Station parking lot. After my 1st loop I checked my stats, darn- 3.89 miles. I did another lap, but cut through the parking lot because I thought it would be enough. WRONG! 3.98 miles by the time I got to the gas station doorway. Ugh, really?! I used the restroom bought a beverage (iced tea) and then bolted for my car. Yes! 4.02 miles in all! Whew. That's 8 miles this week so far!

My legs are sore, as expected. However, I started to develop a blister on my right foot, so for the last half mile my foot slowly started hurting more and more. Not sure why, I may have tightened my shoes too much. No matter. All is good. It feels good to get back on a routine again. I need to stay motivated and keep moving before my rear expands all over again.

Until next time... Be safe and be healthy.

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