Sunday, June 26, 2011

05/31/11- HC to Edinger & back

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So, today's ride was an incomplete bike ride to the beach.

I have a "Rule of 3's". 3 bad things happen in one event, I need to stop & pull out.
#1- While airing my tires, my bike fell and I got knocked in the head by my handlebars. Strike.
#2- I hit a detour along the SART that lead me through the "hood" of Santa Ana. Not good since I was dressed "lightly". Signs were a little misleading so I started to freak and almost got lost. Strike.
#3- While riding the streets, I had to manuver around debris in the gutter... In doing so, my tire got caught along part of the asphalt (raised) ridge and I started to lose control and my bike started leaning into the street. I almost didn't get my foot out of the clip in time, but I did just before it was too late. However, a car was coming from behind me, freaked and wailed on his horn.. Yah, that's helpful, thanks! Strike.

I tried riding on, but my front tire (the one that got caught in the street) started acting a bit wobbly, so I decided to throw the towel in and turn around.

I made it back to my car with no further incidences, but man oh man, I just don't like having those kind of things happen in the beginning of my ride. Bad luck.

Stats- 13.54 miles in less than an hour and burned 426 calories. At least I got out there and tried.

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