Monday, December 22, 2008

Scent of a Woman

Or in my case,of a mother. As a single female or wife, you get to choose your scent for the day a la perfume. This could be a scent your significant other has purchased for you (either current or ex). My favorites tend to be from the Chanel family, like Mademoiselle and Coco. My newest fave is Estee Lauder's Sensous, very warm and musky. However, as a mom, your scent isn't always the one you choose.

When I had Lindsay, I could still wear my perfume of choice, but she might add to the scent with her own, courtesy of formula spit up. Pretty!!! After a while, she started deciding what "we" would wear for the scent of the day. Some days it was Coco, other days it was nothing at all, and still other days it was whatever kiddie scent we had in the house for her at the time. Now, that she is older, she has her own perfumes, and I can go back to mine.

When I had Loren, he liked to ADD to the scent I was already wearing. Luckily, he was "nursed" until he was 8 months, so his scent wasn't nearly as bad. Langdon and Leland were both nursed as well, so their scents weren't nearly as bad. However, Leland is on formula now (my choice) and he's just reaking up every person and room when he spits up, which can be a lot!

Now, you're probably saying, "Just go without perfume then!". Well, I have. When I was working the Med/Surg Department for a hospital, we were told not to wear perfume because it could be offensive or nauseating to the patients. Hah! By the time I was done working each day, I was nauseated by all the offensive smells my patients were emitting! I wanted to bathe in a vat of perfume to get those smells out of my clothing, hair and mind (sometimes they stuck). When I worked in Home Health Care, it was a bit easier, by asking the client or their family I was able to wear light scents like Sarah Jessica Parker's "Lovely" to work on a regular basis, without making anyone upset.

As a female, we like to have things that make us feel prettier. This could be a purse, jewelry, cosmetics, clothing or shoes, or even a perfume. For me all those things are great. But when I want to feel womanly, even when I'm just hanging with the kids on a rainy day in the house in my sweats, I spritz on a spray or two of my favorite scent and I feel like a woman again.

What's your favorite scent?

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